Monday, October 7, 2013

CMMI myth

The maturity levels in CMMI are set based on extremely clear criteria spelled out in the SCAMPI method for determining a Maturity Level. The Maturity Level is determined by the Appraisal Team performing an objective evaluation of the organization. It is the Lead Appraiser's responsibility to ensure that the appraisal results are an accurate and true representation of the organization's maturity.

CMMI is NOT a set of standards. It is a set of guidelines for improving processes. The CMMI does not tell HOW to do something. It tells you WHAT things to consider to improve your processes. Best practices are highly subjective. What may be a best practice for company A may not be a best practice for company B. Business goals and objectives, core competencies, business domain, culture, etc. all affect the best practices for an organization.

Determining the best practices for a specific organization is a trial and error exercise. 

From the CMMI about Maturity Levels and Generic Goals and Practices - clearly defines what it means to operate at a specific Maturity Level. There is no way to "water down" these definitions. Granted there are unscrupulous organizations out there that are chasing a level just so they can compete for business, but they receive no benefit from the CMMI. Rapidly becomes clear that they are only interested in doing the bare minimum - but at whose cost? The organizations who hire.....