Friday, April 18, 2008

Quality Project Management

Quality is not Cheap. High Quality, High cost and may consume large effort and time. The following are some of the best practices that can be looked into throughout the life cycle (immaterial of which development methodologies you follow) 1. Identify the a. Factors affecting the Product Quality (Product Quality is defined a Whether the products or services satisfy customer requirements0 b. Factors affecting the Process Quality ( process Quality is defined as whether the products or services are supplied economically) 2 Identify right set of Quality Control a. There are two types of Control. The first type of control consists of setting targets above existing levles and doing whatever is needed to attain these. b. The second type of control consists of keeping such characteristics as parts dimentions, when the target is fixed value and it is undesirable to either exceed or undershoot this value 3. This should be the first one. develop a Team vision and encourage all the team members to identify actions to achieve the Team vision. 4. "Team-work management". Team-work is the success factor for On-time delivery and Best Quality. hence Like Risk mgmt, technical mgmt, develop "Team-work management" to inculcate and transform the Team-work towards the success of the project 5. there could be many, which I can provide you time to time.

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