Friday, August 8, 2008

Jobs and Satisfaction!

You might work in big co's of small co's, but the experience you gain matters a lot.

Just by having a name tag of a particular co. may not help, even if it is once upon a time a big co. I know some folks who have worked with Enron (debacle!) and recently from JD Edwards to Oracle and out.....

Ethical biz is always going to survive. Few company's that I have worked with has put me into depression, which I have overcome.

I started Sharon Software Systems at Coimbatore during Nov 2001, with my hard earned cash (blowing half my earn't savings till that point of time), and could not get the necessary funding, hence shut shop during July 2002. Now in stealth mode for want of cash. I am sure of reviving it! I did start bifidium during May 1999, but gave up owing to fear!

That's was the reason I have come back to mainstream, and search of Job Satisfaction.

I am very sure I will make it big one day! Just waiting for the right VC/Angel and funding and necessary push....

I will start another venture soon!

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