Friday, November 7, 2008

Baggage and some points on Project Activities

All project activities don't have baggage and no challenges that you may face in your project.... :-)) Here are some really stupid, incomprehensible and unintelligent suggestions!
  • Managing change in project, scope-creeping and changes that are not handled in a systematic fashion. Hah...
  • Non-constructive work environments, racial abuse included (like Indians getting abused in USA, but still they work 'coz Money dude!)
  • Not getting right balance between when to make decisions stupidly and simply make the decision yourself, by each guy in team! Duh!
  • Get good metrics fudged for project success which is an all roudn effort!
  • Getting BAD customer requirements, balancing cost of project expectation, poor quality and time. This usually centers on the client requirements communicated but the usual issue is what he has not communicated.
  • Poor motivation of the team, is a problem but when it becomes an issue, projects may miss their deadlines and you are out of business.
  • Communication issues – Email, Talk, Documents and Heresay(!)
  • Indecent behaviour with team members, with lots of smirks around owing to hygiene, food habits (cut that Garlic dude!) etc.
  • :-)) Dont ask, if you dont succeed. Start a company called Enron!

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