Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ten Things Not To Do In An Interview

1. Don't leave your cell phone on. "Don't even leave it on mute or vibrate - this is distracting to you and definitely rude to the interviewer," says Arlene Vernon,, a human resources consultant.

2. Don't smell like smoke. If you smoke, make sure there's no evidence. This is especially important if you're interviewing for a position where you have direct contact with others.

3. Don't speak badly about previous employers or co-workers. Make sure you've practiced an honest answer but one that doesn't show that you're angry with the previous employer or circumstance.

4. Don't bring up personal information. The interviewer doesn't want to hear about your personal life or other information not related to how you can succeed at the job being interviewed for.

5. Don't focus on the salary and benefits. Joyce LeMay, an associate professor of business at Bethel University says, "The interviewer may be turned off and feel that you are only interested in what the company can do for you."

6. Don't fidget. Find a comfortable position in the chair you're offered and while you don't want to be stiff, you don't want to move around a lot. If you fidget with your hands, keep them empty. These nervous behaviors can hurt your image.

7. Don't ramble on. Balance talking and listening. Measure how long it takes to answer a question. Watch the interviewer's body language to see if you're going on too long.

8. Don't be late. Perform a test drive to the location a day in advance.

9. Don't tell the interviewer you have no questions. This shows a lack of interest, curiosity and depth. Have 5- 10 questions prepared, and it's OK to pull out the list if you need to.

10. Don't rush the interviewer. Never leave until the interviewer says it's over!

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