Thursday, July 17, 2008

Treating employees like customers

From the day an employee joins you, you have to ensure

(1) he or she is taken care
(2) whatever talent was measured and judged, is nurtured
(3) enough inputs provided regularly, without expecting employer to ask for
(4) ensure the day to day projects/activities are not affected and also provide inputs
(5) Technical enhancements in the department in terms of resources etc to be provided

If you miss the above,

(1) employee gets disgruntled
(2) cumulative effect of retention issues appear
(3) the group which was close mingled one, leaves very fast
(4) stock market picks up the news and you loose heavily

So take care, treat employees fairly and ensure that every penny due to them is given all the time, including the promised bonus is given, without any mismanagement.

This goodwill will go a long way!

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Nice Article Sir!

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